Assessment (1st appointment) $110
Complex Treatment Appointment: 45 mins $110
Regular Treatment Appointment: 30 mins $75.00
Dry needling incorporated into regular treatment. Maximum of 4 needles $10.00
Dry Needling Treatment: 30 min $50.00
Group Exercise Class: 60 min $15.00/person
Written Reports (subject to change) $75.00
Chart copies $1.00 per page
Theraband ** $7.00 per package
No Show Charge $35.00 payable before next treatment
Late Cancellation Charge (less then 24 hrs notice) $25.00 payable before next treatment

* A complex assessment or treatment refers to a complicated condition or injury that requires additional time for proper management and will include but is not limited to injuries or conditions that involve more than one body part.

** Please click on the Products link for information and prices on all rehab equipment, braces etc. for sale in the clinic